About us

The International Theatre Festival (ITF) SkupiFestival, is a non-profit organisation, established in the premises of the N.I. Albanian Theatre – Skopje, in November 2007. The same year, the first festival edition took place under the motto “Play to be”. Since its year of establishment, the festival grew in content and quality, quickly becoming a cultural mark of the city of Skopje.

The festival offers a significant encounter with performances from abroad, offering a view into the innovative, eager to risk, and progressively thinking theater of nowadays. The festival program consists of performances where the new tendencies in the theater are not a sole artistic purpose but are going hand in hand with initiating critical thinking on socially and politically challenging issues.

ITF Skupi Festival takes place every year during the first week of November. The festival takes place in different venues in the city of Skopje.

The festival is managed by its board, where all members are also founders of the festival: Muzbajdin Qamili – general director, Senko Velinov – artistic director, Osman Ahmeti – coordinator, Kushtrim Bekteshi and Betim Zeqiri – members.

ITF Skupi Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of R.M. and the City of Skopje.


The festival consists of a main and supporting programme.

The main program each year presents a selection of eight to ten performances, offering a diverse range of professional theatre productions, where the institutional and the non-institutional theatres are equally present. All performances presented in the main program are in competition for the best performance award.

The supporting program consists of workshops, lectures, and panel discussions, and its input to the local theatre professionals is extremely valuable as it gives them a direct opportunity to merge with the guest artists, exchanging opinions and learning new skills.

The selection of the program goes through the selection committee, headed by the selector of the festival Senko Velinov, in 2016 joined by Miliana Lenak as an expert associate. 

Jury and award

ITF Skupi Festival has a competitive character. Every year the festival board appoints a three-member jury consisted of two domestic and one international juror, all prominent theatre professionals.

ITF Skupi Festival has one award for a production presented within the official selection – for best production.