04/11/2013 - 10/11/2013



Author: Gordy Gabor

Director: Burbuqe Berisha

Ass. director: Behar Zeneli

Sound effects:  Trimor Dhomi

Scenography&Costumes: Petrit Bakalli

Performed by: Hysen Binaku, Myrvete Kurtishi, Edmond Hafizademi, Arben Lleshi, Valon Pallaska

People would do anything to gain power, and once they manage, they do everything to retain it. This is the driving force of "Revolver", a work by the Hungarian author Goergey Gabor, staged by the producer Burbuqe Berisha. Although written some years ago, it still represents an ugly reality happening to Kosovo nowadays. The entire action is oriented to a revolver; a device may bring power to the five persons stuck in a basement. The absurdity of this comedy is that it is adjustable for every country going through a transition.




Author: Tommaso Santi

Directed and interpreted by: Valentina Banci and Francesco Borchi

Scenography: Lorenzo Banci

Performed by: Valentina Banci, Francesco Borchi

A wine cellar, two chairs, numerous ghosts, all villagers. This is FIASCO!!! A theatre performance about the memories of the fields, in the vineyard, the retailers, owners and farmers. The performance reflects a funny and crazy tradition, where the souls of the villagers come back among us, magically, to create a world that is frozen in time and thus – eternal. Truth and fantasy interweave into a FIASCO!!! In fact, the works is a result of hours and hours spent in storytelling, interviews with villagers, winemakers, farmers and foresters. The testimonies become one big collective history, where the two actors play many characters and say numerous magic words, distant from the local vocabulary and closer to life, soil and wine: all this is in a story of a crazy breathtaking funeral ceremony.




Author: Alexander Galin

Director:  Kustrim Bekteshi

Costumes: Marija Pupucevska

Choreography: Albi Minorolli

Performed by: Rozina Kostani – Prendi, Ola Harizaj, Dzeni Hallulli, Vilma Hodo, Egzona Ademi, Erjeta Cufaj, Genti Decka, Klodian Hoxha, Devis Muka, Denis Kurushi & Florian Veizi.

A Japanese company releases a job announcement for girls to work in an elite night club in Singapore. But the announcement released in the newspapers has an error; there are no specifications made on the age and specifics of candidates. Many elderly and serious women apply for the job, each of them wanting to win at any cost and thus getting their chance to leave the country. To get rid of them, the Japanese add a new condition – written consent from their husbands. The presence of men reveals the marriage issues among couples. Whether the women shall obtain the written consent – remains to be seen. The tragicomedy Contest talks about people who lose the contest of life during the transition period.       




Directed by: Nick Upper

Dramaturgy: Niko Goršič

Set design, Costumes and Video: Beáta Spáčilová, Jennifer Helia DeFelice

Choreography: Václav Púčik

Performed by: Lucia Siposová

“She two times“is a cabaret based on a true story about the poet, writer, essayist, literal critic, editor and publisher holder of Slovak and Slovenian citizenship, Stanislava Repar. She addresses the theatre audience with an interesting principle of editing different types of texts, starting from poems to essays, from social criticism epic poems and up to intimate diaries of true love stories. The work is a Brecht play about a love story and an attempt to present the efforts of a migrant to regulate her status in Slovenia, against the heartlessness of the institutions and state structures, becoming modern Romeo and Juliet in the grip of two Caucasian state systems. The author shows us how a Slovak (cannot) become a Slovenian twice; in Slovakia they call her the Slovak Slovenian, while in Slovenia they call her the Slovak.




Author: Dejan Dukovski

Director: Martin Maria Eschenbach

Set design: Hannah Landes

Dramaturgy: Christian Bock

Concept of sound: Christian Peter Max

Performed by: Philip Wilhelmi, Benjamin Janssen

In the middle of a war zone, the two brothers Gjore and Gjero meet again after many years. Problem number one: they wear different uniforms. Problem number two: they are surrounded in an abandoned town, which the next morning is to become a battlefield. Desertion is impossible for them and the future is clear: this is the last night of their lives and the next morning brings along a sure death. Therefore, they decide to spend these last hours within this unreal surrounding by enjoying life to the fullest.

Based on this story about these two dissimilar brothers, Dukovski unfolds a fascinating history. With almost disturbing easiness he describes the full freedom of two people facing sure death, that two people experience, and the absurdity of their situation with unrestrained intensity.




Author: Jean-Jacques Varoujean

Film director: Fabien Hemard

Theatre director: Sandrine Fourlon

Performed by: Madeleine Bongard, Klodjana Keco, Sylvain Paolini, Asdren Selimi

Partner: Cinema School ESRA Skopje

The works is a result of the « European Workshops Authors-Actors » - a new artist meeting, aiming at producing contemporary theatre works through cooperation with European actors and directors - organised by ITF SkupiFestival & L’escalier4, since 2012.

4 actors (Albanian, Macedonian, French), directed by Fabien Hemard (scriptwriter-director, photographer) and Sandrine Fourlon (actress, theatre director), work together in 2 languages, to create “À plus...“, – performance & mix of film and theatre.




Author: Terry Jenoure

Director: Linda McInerney

Music: Terry Jenoure

Performed by: Terry Jenoure, Maria Mitchell

“MY BRONX“, is an interdisciplinary theatre piece that features original music and poetry by the author Terry Jenoure. “MY BRONX“, is vibrant, full of colours and textures. The stories are interweaved one into another as a tapestry; it moves from the past to the present, bringing the audience on a ride through memory and story. It is an amazing amalgam of forms all emanating from Terry. She celebrates her Jamaican and Puerto-Rican roots, her Jazz mastery, and her poetry, all while dancing with her hand-sewn dolls on the imaginary streets of her Bronx.

The performance “MY BRONX“, offers an alchemical interplay between scene shapes and improvisation. Ms. Jenoure through the performance pathways draws an improvised map shaping new and flexible shapes.